What We Believe




We inspire our region to come together through the performing arts.




To inspire the passions and spirit of our community through dance.




We believe that our organization can model the power of creative, thoughtful, and innovative collaboration. We strive to establish meaningful partnerships with individuals and organizations that fundamentally impact the life of our region.


We take pride in being the region’s leading performing arts organization. To serve as many of our neighbors as possible, we take advantage of our mobility and flexibility in order to share our art.


We empower all in our region who are inspired to experience the performing arts, providing guidance, learning, and resource. We empower all members of our organization to reach their fullest potential.


We recognize that all performing arts experiences demand the investment of time—the most valuable and finite of resources. We strive to create the highest quality artistic moments that reward the investment of creators and participants alike.


We realize the inherent value that the performing arts create in the cultural life of our region. We take pride in being responsible stewards of our art forms, and of the people, resources, and organizations that maintain them, ensuring that they survive and thrive for future generations.

Want to learn a new type of dance?

The Toledo Ballet offers classes in dance of ALL varieties. Whether you're looking for classical ballet training, or modern hip-hop, chances are we have a class for you!

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