Level 3: Age 10 and up

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The repertoire of basic steps is enlarged and fundamental steps and combinations are studied in more detail. Click here to learn more about student level placement and advancement. This class is 90 minutes in length. Students are recommended to take this class twice a week. Eligibility by audition or invitation.

Student Attire

Leotard color: Red or Rasberry (Red is from the Motionwear-brand of leotards color guide. Students may wear other brands but the color must be similar).


  • Ballet students must wear pale pink tights and pink ballet slippers with the colors of leotard assigned to their classes. Each level has two assigned colors; the student may select either color, or both.
  • Ballet students must wear their hair in a neat bun (short hair must be secured away from the face). No dangling earrings or other large jewelry pieces are permitted in the studios. Body art must be covered.


  • Ballet students must wear a white fitted T-shirt, white or black ballet slippers, black tights or black fitted sport shorts with white ankle socks, and a dance belt. Long hair must be secured away from the face and neck. Body art must be covered.

Introduction to Junior Contemporary Fusion

This class explores natural movement (combined with technique) while playing with space, time and dynamic. Prepares the student for Contemporary Fusion.

Student Attire


Black jazz pants or shorts, leotard, dance tights or leggings. Hair must be secured away from the face.


Plain T-shirt, black jazz shoes. Hair must be secured away from the face.

Contemporary Fusion

This class explores the freedom and joy of movement itself. Through structured improvisation, imagery, work, and the analysis of time, space and dynamic, each student will rediscover that uninhibited inner child that used to dance around the living room.  It is a perfect addition for those ballet students who are feeling rigid or stiff in their dancing. Technique will not be the main focus of this class. All Contemporary Fusion students must be enrolled in at least one Ballet class.

Student Attire


Black jazz pants or shorts, leotard and convertible dance tights or leggings. Hair must be secured away from the face.


Plain T-shirt, jazz shoes, paws or bare feet. Hair must be secured away from the face.

Jazz & Lyrical Jazz

Jazz is a rhythmic, percussive dance form and lyrical jazz incorporates elements of ballet and modern dance to create a smooth, lengthened look and lyrical quality.

Student Attire


Black jazz pants or shorts, leotard, dance tights or leggings. Hair must be secured away from the face.


Plain T-shirt, black jazz shoes. Hair must be secured away from the face.

Musical Theater/Acting

Led by Broadway veteran Michael Lang, our musical theater program is designed to teach the student everything he or she needs to know from audition to final curtain. Students will focus on scene work, presentation of songs, and Broadway styled dances from everyone’s favorite musicals and plays. Tap is highly recommended for at least one year for musical theater students. Leggings are required.


Students learn how to sing in a group atmosphere. Emphasis is on proper technique, using vocalization to develop muscles used in singing. Songs will be learned and used in conjunction with the Musical Theatre class.


This class will help develop rhythm, musicality, and fine motor control skills. As students progress, increasing emphasis will be placed on clarity of sounds, speed, intricacy, precision, and execution of movement.


This fun and nurturing environment will help develop fine motor skills, coordination, flexibility, confidence, and strength. Professional mats and tumbling equipment provided.

Student Attire

Leotard or tight fitted T-shirt or tank top with bare legs, shorts, or leggings.

Floor Barre

For dancers, non-dancers, and beginners: Floor Barre strengthens, elongates and works turnout using ballet exercises done primarily on the floor. Floor Barre is also is used by those who have injuries or who are recovering from injury. Because the majority of these ballet-based exercises are conducted from a position on the floor, students do not need to fight gravitational pull. For ballet dancers, a Floor Barre class will enhance and strengthen turnout and body positions, providing focus on proper alignment in ways that will help to elongate the musculature and make dramatic improvement in ballet technique. Floor Barre is highly recommended for students pursuing serious ballet training. This class is not offered every semester.


Students will learn the fundamentals of yoga. Class begins with a centering warm-up, followed by active fun poses that guide the students to find balance, strength and flexibility. Each class finishes with relaxation time to help ease tension.

Corrective exercise helps to create a balance within one’s muscular system in order to improve posture, avoid injuries and increase overall physical performance.  After a postural assessment, one will learn which muscles are weak and which ones are overly tight.  Using the technique of Pilates, Active Isolated Stretching, and Muscle Release Technique™, he or she will be given a specific program which will enhance physical performance and help avoid injuries.

Corrective Exercise sessions are appropriate for parents and siblings as well as Toledo Ballet dancers.

Sessions are privates or duets and by appointment only. This class isn't offered every semester.


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