Adaptive Dance

Toledo Ballet designed its Adaptive Dance Program especially for students with special needs. Modeled after Boston Ballet’s successful Adaptive Dance Program, this unique dance class provides children and young adults with special needs an opportunity to learn to move and dance in ways that come naturally to them.

In addition to experiencing the sheer joy of dance and music, students reap many other important benefits, including improvement in coordination, fitness, balance, focus, listening, self-esteem, self-expression, rhythm, and musicality. Adaptive Dance Director and Toledo Ballet faculty member, Ann Heckler, is dedicated to creating a positive learning environment and helping each student develop his/her own self-confidence and freedom of expression.

Toledo Ballet remains committed to making dance accessible to as many members of our community as possible. Our Outreach programs promote literacy and good physical fitness, celebrate creativity and personal expression, and much more. Do you know an organization that might benefit from an outreach program with Toledo Ballet? Please contact us at 419.471.0049.

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Adaptive Dance for Children and Young Adults with Down Syndrome

Toledo Ballet’s Adaptive Dance Program for children (7 and up) and young adults (16 and up) allows students with Down Syndrome and similar abilities to experience the sheer joy of movement and music. The program’s benefits include: improving muscle tone, developing motor skills and balance, appreciating music and rhythm, and using these skills to direct body movement, and developing emotional well-being and social skills. 

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Learning in Motion: A Children’s First Dance Experience

Toledo Ballet’s signature outreach program, Learning in Motion is a weekly dance program for underserved students which combines dance with children’s literature to promote literacy. Learning in Motion is brought to ‚Äčkindergarten and first grade classrooms as well as first-third grade CCSP (Special Education) to ‚ÄčToledo Area schools. 

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The Toledo Ballet offers classes in dance of ALL varieties. Whether you're looking for classical ballet training, or modern hip-hop, chances are we have a class for you!

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